Using a chatbot to increase engagement

The current context and the need for immediacy. Using a on the part of users make it essential that customer. Service be increasingly faster, which is why betting on a chatbot to increase. Engagement seems like a primary action. Many users state that the use of virtual assistants and Artificial Intelligence improves the experience when interacting with a brand. This happens, above all, because the chatbot goes where human labor cannot. In general, bots are systems that provide a good experience, maintain communication, give accurate answers and are available 24 hours a day. Now, if you’re wondering how a brand can use this strategy to improve its engagement with customers, it’s a good idea to take several things into consideration.

You can use push notifications

Among the strategies to improve the link between the company top industry data and the community, there are many options available, with push notifications being one of the most effective. These can be related to a chatbot to increase engagement. When users receive a push notification, they receive a very short and attractive message that is related to offers, promotions, studies of their searches or aims to improve the user experience. The most common thing is that these are received on phones and tablets. However, there are already some available for smart watches and for websites. The idea is to improve retention. These messages are focused on generating a reaction. Most likely, they will invite you to spend more time in an app or to generate a specific action. If your message focuses on improving engagement.

Take into account the customization

A chatbot to increase engagement must have the appropriate EC Lists configurations to be effective . All clients want, and should, receive top-level attention, completely personalized and aimed at solving their doubts. This seems a bit complicated with a standard, automatic tool, but the truth is that it is very easy. If you resort to the help of Artificial Intelligence , there is a lot of personalization that you can achieve with a bot. These tools are capable of processing data quickly to intuit the answers your client needs. For this the configuration is essential. The programming of the chatbot is done with human personnel, clearly, so you must analyze two factors very well.

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