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As the site’s popularity grew, Fiverr expand its scope of tasks. Now you can offer any type of freelancing service and charge by the job or by the hour. This is a great place to start for beginners as they can find work assignments and start earning for a very low cost. The job tasks post on Fiverr are call Gigs, which can be web page production, logo design, market research, hand-paint portraits, PS pictures, text translation, dubbing, video production, website optimization, professional advice, and all kinds of strange tasks etc. As long as you have certain skills or some creative ideas, you can post Gig on Fiverr to earn USD income. Similarly, as a buyer, you can order the services you ne on.

Fiverr, find someone to shoot a video advertisement

Fill out a cumbersome form, investigate a person’s background, get a localization report, pick up a person at the airport, Find a language coach and so on. 2. Upwork 2022 Fiverr freelance job task trading platform registration and usage guide 28 Upwork is the world’s largest outsourcing platform for freelance work tasks. Formerly Elance and Odesk, merg in June 2015, currently has 12 million register freelancers and 5 million corporate customers, posts 3 million jobs every Georgia WhatsApp Number List year, with a total value of $1 billion, making it the largest freelancer in the world market. According to Upwork’s public data, there are a total of 10,230 freelancers coming to China, of which only 315 freelancers earn more than $10,000.

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This is in stark contrast to freelancers from India

Totaling 288,307, with 21,168 earning more than $10,000. 2022  registration and usage guide 29 upwork freelancer in china 2022 Fiverr freelance job task trading platform registration and usage guide 30 upwork freelancers in india 3. Freelancer 2022 Fiverr freelance job task trading platform registration and usage guide 31 Freelancer is one of the most common freelancing sites for graphic designers. The site literally has millions of items from clients around the world. When EC Lists you bid for a job on Freelancer, you have to be very aggressive and competitive because you will be competing against candidates from all over. But, it’s a great place to start as a freelancer, and a great place for a small design agency to attract larger clients.

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