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Similarly, in addition to e-commerce business, cross-border entrepreneurship is follow by online advertising revenue in terms of capital scale. The Google system has become the most profitable cross-border entrepreneurial way for cross-border entrepreneurs, and its main income comes from Google Adsense advertisements, such as YouTube channels. Among them, Li Ziqi, the most well-known No. 1 Chinese Internet celebrity, is an out-and-out and very successful cross-border entrepreneur. How much money did he make? According to a third-party assessment, the annual income ranges from 23.34 million to 46.88 million.

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Million yuan for advertising alone every year, which does not include the sales content of brand peripheral products. Of course, this scale is already top 1 among domestic YouTube bloggers, but if it is plac globally, let alone the top 10, it may be difficult to enter the top 200 . This also explains the commercial value of Google Adsense and YouTube to a certain extent. When it comes to youtube, maybe you think of video platforms such as Douyin, wondering if you can start a business on these platforms? If you are an entrepreneur with many years Austria WhatsApp Number List of cross-border experience, you should not have any idea of ​​creating on domestic websites or platforms. Another part of overseas online advertising projects that are very popular in cross-border entrepreneurship is the affiliate alliance we often talk about.

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Overseas websites or platforms use affiliates as the most important customer acquisition channel, and overseas merchants are not stingy in investing in affiliates. Why is YouTube advertising revenue much higher than that of domestic video platforms? Most of YouTube’s advertising content matches the advertising content of overseas advertisements. In other words, if you duct product procurement costs, logistics costs, advertising input costs, office EC Lists and personnel wage costs, the actual profits you get will not be so much, and 20 both focus on e-commerce, Baidu’s revenue is still dominat by search, and Tencent’s income is mainly bas on communication and social online games.

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