This is a relatively reliable website building method

Although you can also get. Google Cloud for free for $300, you can get a year of free use of cloud service hosts. But for novice users, I do not recommend this method. On the one hand, the application of Google Cloud is more troublesome, and the identity and bill need to be verified. On the other hand, you need to configure the server yourself, install phpmyadmin, ftp, and solve the SSL security certificate problem. What’s more troublesome is that data backup, server optimization. And security protection have to be done by yourself, which is a nightmare for users with insufficient technical skills. To put it simply, this kind of low-cost, but not fast and convenient, but time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Let me talk about my standard plan for

Building a website: Siteground host + Avada theme template. That has been explored through long-term practice, and it has been recommended more than once or twice in my blog. There are only 2 reasons: Siteground host is the recommended host for wordpress official website , whether it is performance, speed or security, it has been strictly tested. Especially for newcomers, Siteground can Cape Verde Email List configure the standard configurations of regular websites one by one through internal function settings. Such as website cache acceleration, ssl free security certificate, free CDN synchronization function, daily.

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Website backup and security protection

The Avada theme template is the world’s best-selling business template . There are a total of 57 sets of preset business template templates customized for various industries. You can import them with one click, and then manually modify the content into your own website EC Lists content. The global sales record of 560,000 sets has so far surpassed all wordpress business template counterparts. Avada’s code is concise, beautifully designed, adaptable to multi-screen terminals, and optimized for SEO optimization.

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