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After the flood pass, a dark and dense cloud of dust remain suspend over the area for two days, preventing the Air Force helicopters from landing and complicating the rescue of the survivors. Aid was only able to arrive on Tuesday, June 2, and even though the world’s solidarity was generous, the time that pass was too long. The earthquake that occurr with a magnitude of 7.9 Mw in the Chimbote Sea also caus severe damage to a 450-kilometer coastal strip, especially in the cities of Chimbote and Trujillo. It is estimat that the earthquake of May 1970, consider the most devastating in Peruvian history, caus the death of 70,000 people and left another 800,000 victims.

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This fateful date reminds us of our condition as a seismic country and the state of alert in which we must remain in the face of an eventuality of similar magnitude. Let us not lose sight of the fact that maintaining an attitude of prevention is vital to mitigate the damage that a large-scale earthquake could generate.There are many changes that have occurr in recent times and the field of ucation has not been left b2b email list out of them. On the contrary, the demand for new professional profiles and technological innovation have significantly transform the way in which teaching-learning processes are develop, establishing variations in the roles of their main protagonists: students and teachers.

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The figure of a professor, in that sense, is no longer that of a wise man who has the last word or whose approaches are not a matter of debate. Today teachers are aware of the primary role that students must play in their training and from this they EC Lists act as facilitators of learning, opening windows to knowlge and promoting the development of skills. This being the case, it is up to the pupils to assume the share of responsibility essential for the functioning of this new model, and in this scenario a concept that receives special attention is that of autonomous learning .

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