Then the link should be in Latin Fill in these

Create a project and give a domain name to the site on tilda first of all, come up with a name for the project. If the title and description should be in russian,  fields according to the example: badge in the next tab window, you can set the project image. This is the picture that users will see when you post the link on social mia. By default, after publication, the first image on the page is taken. But you can put any of yours here. A logo, a photo of a director, a top product, anything. Actually, this page setup is complet.

Don’t forget to click the “Save changes” button

It is locat at the bottom of any of the tabs. Other tabs I’ll quickly tell you what’s in the other tabs. Facebook and seo – here you can change the title, description and picture. By default, they will be taken from the first two items. Export is ne if you want to transfer your site somewhere, for example, to wordpress. Available only on the “Business” tariff. Actions – here you can duplicate, move or delete the page. At first, duplication and deletion may Bulgaria Phone Number List be useful for you, but the latter is also possible on the site’s it page. Optional – here you can remove the page from publication, change the date the page was creat, set a password (only on a paid plan). Every time you create a new page, it its settings first.

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Step Design the site page tilda pages consist of

Universal blocks such as “Pictures”, “Text”, “Columns”. At the time of writing, over 450 different blocks are available. And from them, like from lego blocks, a website is creat. To be honest, you can barely use 1/10 of tilda’s features in the free version. Most of the blocks are not available. But you can test the paid version for two weeks. This time is enough for EC Lists you to collect the main pages of the site and evaluate whether all the features of tilda are worth spending money on.

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