Learn some basic Linux commands Maintaining the host

It is more trouble-free and convenient to operate. Choose Macbook to handle daily work efficiently Learn some operating system knowlge Learn some basic Linux commands 20 Learn Linux Basic Commands For webmasters, it is necessary to  server through ssh can sometimes get twice the result with half the effort. There are quite a lot of Linux commands. Frankly speaking, there are only a few commonly us ones, such as ls, zip, and wget. Practice over and over, practice, and remember commands. The function of ls is to view the contents of the current directory, or the contents of the current folder. The full English name is list. The function of pwd is to view the current directory address, and the full English name is list.

The role of cd is to switch directories, and the full

English name is change dictionary. The function of touch is to create a new file. The full English name is touch. The function of mkdir is to create a directory or a folder. The full English name is make dictionary. The function of rm is to delete files or folders. The full English name is remove. The function of clear is to clear the screen, and the full Panama WhatsApp Number List English name is clear. Using this command can solve many practical problems. For example, prepare to back up several gigabytes of files on server A to server.

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The traditional method is to pack it first

Then download it locally, and finally upload it to the B server through ftp. It may take half a day to download and upload a file of several gigabytes. And if you know some Linux operating commands, it’s much easier. The steps are: use the zip command on the A server to compress the file package, and then, on the B server, use the wget command to obtain the compress package on the A server, and finally the unzip decompression is complet, because the EC Lists data is transmitt between the two servers, the computer room The bandwidth of the Internet is often calculat in G, and the transmission of several G files may be complet in a few minutes. Slowly, follow the macbook to take you into the Linux world.

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