How to Optimize on Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday is one of the most important dates of the year for many businesses, especially those that operate online. However, this same beneficial moment can create many challenges in order management for sales managers working in marketplaces, due to the large number of orders. That’s because in addition to dealing with increased traffic on product pages, managers must also deal with the complexity of order management, on-time deliveries and inventory management. Research and sales history have already shown that quality delivery is essential for the next year to be successful for companies during the Black Friday period .

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Some useful tips on how to optimize the management of your orders on marketplaces during Black Friday so that you can make the most of this event. Not knowing where to start? We help you. From seller to seller . Continue reading to find out Investors Email Lists more! What will you find in this article? [ Show ] THE IMPORTANCE OF ORDER MANAGEMENT IN VIRTUAL STORES THAT OPERATE IN MARKETPLACES Order management plays a key role in online stores and is extremely important for the success and operational efficiency of the business. Many companies that do not have strategic order management, especially during the Black Friday period, can harm not only their numbers, but also the authority of the brand.


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Good order management directly contributes to customer satisfaction. By ensuring a smooth and transparent purchasing process, with immediate order confirmation, status updates and clear delivery time information, online stores create a positive experience for customers. This results in increased loyalty, recommendations and possible future EC Lists purchases. 2- OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY Efficient order management improves the operational efficiency of the online store. This includes processing orders quickly and accurately, properly tracking inventory, issuing correct invoices and invoices, and communicating seamlessly with customers.



E-commerce collection companies are required

Back to the topic, do I have to register a company? My answer is definitely, why carry a heavy bag if you can go to battle in person. Of course, you also need to say that if many platforms do not have a company identity, they will not be able to settle in and receive money. This is true, but I still recommend that you start your initial cross-border venture first as an individual. At present, almost all cross-border to have a company identity before they can apply. For example, the paypal business account that can be applied for as an individual before is now also cancelled.

According to the latest policy, PayPal now only

Divides personal accounts for shopping purposes and merchant accounts for business collection purposes. This stumps many personal identity sellers. Corporate identity became a stumbling block. I just don’t want to register a company, so there’s nothing I can do? Since it is a blocker, then I will go around. The solution is also very simple, still register a personal account, preferably the Investors Email Lists US version of paypal personal account. Then create an independent e-commerce website as usual, the difference is that I don’t directly purchase and sell products, nor dropshipping, but get advertising commissions by selling products provided by various affiliates, and finally, the commissions are paid to my personal Paypal account.

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Corporate status. Yes, you can. The three core steps of product selection, website building, and traffic are exactly the same, except that the original product sales profit becomes the advertising commission for selling products. This method gives you more options and also solves the need for company identity. If you have a payment problem, why not do it? Should I register a domestic EC Lists company, a Hong Kong company or a US company? Simply put, each has pros and cons. Cross-border e-commerce sells products overseas.