E-commerce collection companies are required

Back to the topic, do I have to register a company? My answer is definitely, why carry a heavy bag if you can go to battle in person. Of course, you also need to say that if many platforms do not have a company identity, they will not be able to settle in and receive money. This is true, but I still recommend that you start your initial cross-border venture first as an individual. At present, almost all cross-border to have a company identity before they can apply. For example, the paypal business account that can be applied for as an individual before is now also cancelled.

According to the latest policy, PayPal now only

Divides personal accounts for shopping purposes and merchant accounts for business collection purposes. This stumps many personal identity sellers. Corporate identity became a stumbling block. I just don’t want to register a company, so there’s nothing I can do? Since it is a blocker, then I will go around. The solution is also very simple, still register a personal account, preferably the Investors Email Lists US version of paypal personal account. Then create an independent e-commerce website as usual, the difference is that I don’t directly purchase and sell products, nor dropshipping, but get advertising commissions by selling products provided by various affiliates, and finally, the commissions are paid to my personal Paypal account.

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Corporate status. Yes, you can. The three core steps of product selection, website building, and traffic are exactly the same, except that the original product sales profit becomes the advertising commission for selling products. This method gives you more options and also solves the need for company identity. If you have a payment problem, why not do it? Should I register a domestic EC Lists company, a Hong Kong company or a US company? Simply put, each has pros and cons. Cross-border e-commerce sells products overseas.

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