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The concept of Endo marketing aims to improve the motivation of employees, since internal communication is a link between the sectors of the organization. The two are , as one complements the other. Without efficient communication between sectors, it is likely that employees will not be well  and end up passing incorrect or incomplete data to other sectors or even to customers, which will end up generating internal confusion or consumer dissatisfaction, thus causing employee demotivation. . Therefore, it is important to align the internal communication and endo marketing strategy so that everything happens as . Endo marketing can also contribute a lot to the strategies of the HR department, since it is solely for the internal public of organizations.

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Elements for the composition of internal marketing policies and plans, on a analysis of the training, behavior and level of commitment of the people who make up its internal publics. The actions are on the well-being of employees, which consequently improves the   production and intellectual capacity of the teams. These are actions with the Australia Phone Number Data purpose of promoting the employee’s interaction with the company, creating motivational methods, events and training to value the employee. It is worth remembering that none of this will work if the intention to motivate you is not real. Remember that persuasion only works if the objective is genuine. This is because people know when they are being and when they are given an ideal opportunity.

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Leading the employee experience  free Employee Experience: The secret to improving employee experience Access now!  Corporate email* Corporate email Telephone Web site Web site  Number of Collaborators select By providing your data, you agree with the Privacy Policy . You can change your communication permissions at any time. Access content. The benefits of Endo marketing in companies EC Lists A successful endo marketing strategy increases the degree of commitment and loyalty of employees to the company. Listening to what they have to say and understanding their needs can be the first step towards creating a successful strategy that will bring many benefits to the company as a whole.  and employees Among the benefits is the motivation of employees, remembering that an team will be more collaborative, will bring more.