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Recently, there are a lot of meeting inquiries about intent marketing. At the same time, there are often questions from people who want to see if this flow is really right. Is there any credible evidence? Is it really a trend? So I sorted it out. Let’s find out why intent marketing is called a trend and what changes are taking place.

What is Intent Marketing?

Intent Marketing Defined by Ascent Korea

Intent marketing (intent marketing) is defined as marketing Argentina Email List that accurately understands the intentions implicitly expressed. By consumers, provides products, services, or related information that consumers want, and makes consumers feel that the company understands them well. You can. If you need more understanding of intent marketing, please refer to the previous blog post at the link below.
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Intent marketing defined by global companies
Foreign companies are also using the term intent marketing. If you look at intent marketing defined by digital marketing companies or media in the United States, there are common core contents. It means focusing on ‘customer intention’.

Intent marketing is the practice of marketing a product or service by demonstrating, by their actions, the intent of consumers to make a purchasing decision. In simple terms, it’s about marketing to individuals who take certain actions or whose actions make them more likely to make a certain purchase. (Yext, US online brand marketing technology company)

1. Growth of the intent marketing marketIn fact, intent marketing is not a new concept.

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Intent marketing is any kind of marketing that aims to fulfill the intent of the end user or potential customer—what they really want or need at that moment. (Wordstream, US online advertising marketing company)
Intent-based marketing is the marketing of a service or product based on a customer’s online behavior that indicates the customer’s intention to purchase or consume the product or service. (TechFunnel, US Tech-related media company)

Rather, it is a movement to return to the basics and EC Lists essence. Management scholar Peter Drucker said, “The purpose of marketing is to make sales unnecessary,” in other words, “to know and understand customers, to create products and services that will satisfy them, and to sell them on their own.”


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