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Domain authority is therefore an indicator that Domain tells Domain Authority: what you. Therefore, whether your SEO strategy is working, which will allow you to make adjustments and observe opportunities to obtain better performance from Strategies to your site . DA is not the only metric that allows this type of. Therefore, performance to be analyzed. If you are interested in the subject, you must have already read about Page Authority. Well, so that you do not have any doubts regarding these terms, let’s now see what differentiates them.

What is domain Domain Authority: Domain what authority?

The names of these two. Therefore, indexes are quite similar and end up causing some confusion. It is necessary, however, to know executive data how to differentiate them. In the case of Page. Therefore, Authority, it measures the authority of just one page; while the Domain Authority covers the entire domain and subdomains. Therefore, the latter is more complete than PA. 

What is the difference between Domain Strategies to Authority and Page Authority?

To calculate domain authority, Moz developed a method that analyzes some aspects of SEO EC Lists strategy . These factors. Therefore, consider the age of the site, its reputation – analyzing the number of accesses, for example –, links that lead to the site (called. Therefore, backlinks ), internal links and their variety, in addition to doing a distributional analysis of the content, that is, of how it is distributed on the web.

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