Still allows you to create professional graphics

 What is a component in figma? When you develop a site or an app (we are talking in a broad sense about products) you can crumble  . In minimal visual and operational terms . Some elements ; these elements can then be distributed . Reused and recombined across multiple areas of the project . These elements are . In fact . The components . The logic of the components is that of being small atoms; they can live and function alone . Or . Depending on the context . Be nested together to create molecules (in fact . We often speak of atomic or modular design  . Precisely to underline this logic of recombinable and adaptable elements based on the occasions of use).

The logic behind their use

 The free version . Although it does not have asia email list the corporate kit . Is limited in the creation of some resources and does not have all the saving formats of the pro version available . Still allows you to create professional graphics. Create a component in figma create a component in figma if you deal with ui/ux design and use figma for your work you will certainly need to familiarize yourself with the components  . The logic behind their use and . Of course . How they work . Let’s start in order.


The second of managing heavy projects more easily

 Video in mp4 format power point presentation to integrate design EC Lists into presentations link (also as qr-code) shareable or embeddable . Useful for sharing projects with other users or integrating them into websites canva for smartphones the version of canva that can be installed on smartphones is very similar to the desktop version although simplified . The first has the advantage of being able to create graphics wherever you are . The second of managing heavy projects more easily. I’ll end with a note on the differences between canva and canvapro .


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