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The nesting period, a lot of free time, craving for handmade rather quickly l me to a resource where I could endlessly draw ideas for classes: embroidery patterns, crafts for the holidays, do-it-yourself home decor and much more. It was almost 10 years ago, the site was still very young, it look different. But even then its useful potential was obvious. And it’s so great that nelewomen can choose their skill level on one portal, as well as get support in developing their business and, as before, find ideas for inspiration. When did you realize that you ne to scale? Is there now a direct monetization of the project in addition to advertising on the site.

For a very long time, a simple magazine

Format was enough for us, making money on advertising suit us quite well, but over the past couple of years, a lot has chang both in the field of advertising on the internet and in the field of business in general. In addition, there is another important factor: the project itself has gradually evolv and I myself, as its creator and itor-in-chief. The crisis has hit us hard enough, but we surviv and celebrate Botswana Email List our 10th anniversary in 2017 with renew vigor, plans and initiatives. You rightly not that all this time we have primarily focus on revenue from advertising on the site, but big changes are coming in the new year, we are embarking on a new stage in promoting the portal and are actively working on other earning channels, including starting the year with testing and launching package promotions.

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Now the project is already quite large

How many sites do you cover and why did you choose them? If, in principle, it is clear with instagram and pinterest, then what were you guid by when choosing other resources? Our main platform is the website, which has 15,000–20,000 unique visitors per day. In addition EC Lists to the site, we have a thematic forum, a mailing list (almost 10,000 readers), a vkontakte group (almost 20,000 members), pinterest accounts (more than 10,000 subscribers), postila and pinmi . In november we start on instagram.

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