Simple sales and complex sales do you know the difference?

There are a few ways to classify types of sales . The first and best known of these is the division into Bs — B2C, or business to consumer , are sales to final consumers; B2B , or business to business , is business done between two companies. Within this universe of Bs, there are already some variations beyond these two. Nowadays, people talk about B2G , which are government sales, and B2B2C, which are sales to companies that sell to end consumers within a more complex dynamic. Other divisions are between field sales and inside sales , which are, respectively, field or internal sales ; hunters and farmers , who are more aggressive sales professionals or focused on a deeper relationship with the customer; and simple and complex sales , which we’ll talk more about in this article.

What are simple sales The main characteristic

Of simple sales is that they are made in few contacts, that is, their cycle is short and a single person makes the decision. Generally, the average ticket for a simple sale is low, which represents little risk for the purchase decision maker. This is the kind  Controlling Directors Email Lists of sale that mostly happens in retail . The shopper probably already knows what he wants and makes his need explicit when he enters a store. If he wants to buy a new television, for example, he goes into an appliance store and tells the sales professional that he is looking for a TV. Other examples are: “I need to buy my mom a present and I wanted to look at this shirt.” “I would like to see those pants.


Do you have a size suit for my cousin’s wedding

Want a new TV to watch the World Cup.” “How much does it cost to wash this dress?” Other points that make it easy to understand a simple sale: The purchase process is carried out by a single person The risk is low for the buyer The sales cycle is short; even if the buyer asks for suggestions for those who accompany him in this process, it does EC Lists not take more than a few minutes – at most a few hours, looking for options in stores in a mall, for example Another very common characteristic of simple sales is that demand is elastic, that is, purchases can be boosted by price reductions and other promotions. It is not because the sale is simple that it is easy. Thinking that simple selling requires little knowledge is a mistake that some people make.

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