Same Hour Same Day New Consumer Demands from Buyers

Does your virtual store offer next day, same day or even same hour delivery? These are logistical demands that seek to meet and, above all, exceed consumer expectations, directly impacting after-sales . Buying something over the internet is very fast and customers expect that this speed is also reflected in the time taken to deliver the product. Delivery time is one of the main factors in purchasing decisions and can represent an important competitive advantage for online stores. However, for delivery to be extremely fast, it is essential to have a lot of planning and have solutions that optimize the operation throughout the entire purchase process.

Consumer expectations change over time

In addition to a quality product at an attractive price, customers value the shopping experience . And one of the main components of this experience today is the possibility for the consumer to receive the product on the same day or even a few hours after placing the order. Considering what the pandemic represented for the e-commerce segment, the  Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists  urgency factor awakened in this period certainly contributed to fostering this need for fast delivery among consumers. But not only that. The retail giants were also responsible for creating this demand, including companies such as Amazon, Mercado Livre and Magazine Luíza, which strengthened logistics trends such as same day and next day delivery.


The robust infrastructure and high investments

With consumers waiting for this expectation to be met regardless of the place they choose to purchase, virtual stores need to quickly adapt to these new forms of consumption. Considering the competition between different sellers in a marketplace, express delivery can be the determining factor for a consumer to prefer to buy from one store over EC Lists another. In addition to speedy delivery, consumers prioritize attractive shipping , preferably free. If these aspects cannot be met, the chances of cart abandonment increase. So, the main impact on virtual stores is that of not being able to satisfy or retain a certain consumer profile. SAME HOUR, SAME DAY AND NEXT DAY DELIVERY: NEW LOGISTICAL DEMANDS After an overview of these new logistical demands, the time has come to better understand the concept of trends such as same hour, same day and next day delivery.

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