Sales Speakers How to find the Ideal one for your Event?

A company or the leader of a team, you have certainly come across the need to find good sales speakers. There are many reasons that lead to this search: conventions, corporate conferences, the need to impact professionals in a motivational and technical way, the desire to bring market information into the company… Whatever your need, when carrying out a search you will come across a universe of possibilities and different speakers available on the market. However, faced with so many professionals who call themselves the best at what they do, how can you hire a sales speaker who exceeds the expectations of the company and the people who will attend the event? That’s what we’ll talk about next! Here we go? What is a sales pitch? Sales lectures can have different objectives, from generating motivation, promoting reflection and enhancing.

In this sense sales speakers seek to transmit

Knowledge about methodologies, techniques and behaviors, which, once incorporated by the company’s professionals, accelerate their journey towards high performance in sales . However, the impact of a lecture on the company’s sales indicators is usually somewhat Purchasing Directors Email Lists subjective, both from a technical and behavioral point of view. This is due to the fact that leaders generally do not follow up after the lecture, in order to ensure that the insights provided are incorporated into the sales team ‘s day-to-day activities . What is the difference between a sales lecture and a sales workshop? As it is a short-term event, companies usually hire a sales speaker with objectives more focused on motivating the team, promoting some impact – usually of an emotional and reflective nature – that makes people increase their level of enthusiasm or think about aspects related to the execution of your work in sales.


Precisely because the application time is short

Sales lectures are usually expository, where there is little interaction and knowledge flows in one direction. In these situations, the speaker needs a lot of skill.  So that the participants do not disperse, especially in times of social networks and “multiscreen” people. And the Sales Workshop? When we refer to Sales Workshops , the objectives are different, as their purpose is generally aimed EC Lists at developing some competence of professionals or specifically of leadership. Workshops usually range from 4 to 32 hours, depending on the knowledge, skills and attitudes you want to introduce to the team, in order to build a competency that is identified through visible behaviors and measurable results. When to Hire a Sales Speaker? Before thinking about hiring a sales speaker, it is essential to identify what the real needs of the sales area.

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