WordPress installation process Sadly either

Basically, you ne to do the following: Domain name registration buy server hosting Install WordPress Find and Install a WordPress Theme Only after these four operations are complet, the WooCommerce plugin can be install on the WordPress website and the configuration of the store can be start. And these steps do require some networking-relat knowlge. After all, it involves setting up your web server, resolving the domain name to the server ip, and finally getting WordPress install and running properly. To make it easier for yourself, you can choose a professional host like SiteGround, which has a built-in one-click installation method that greatly simplifies the  way, it’s a lot more hassle than Shopify’s direct “Sign Up” button.

There is no doubt that Shopfiy is much ahead of

WooCommerce in terms of ease of use, which is the most important reason why Shopify’s market share can grow so rapidly. In other words, AliExpress is actually the largest cheap Dropshipping warehouse in the world. Which one is the better way to build an independent website compar to Woocommerce Shopify? 6 Oberlo is a commercial plugin Tunisia WhatsApp Number List officially provid by Shopify. Since 2015, Oberlo merchants have sold more than 85 million products worldwide. The Oberlo plugin offers a free starter plan, as well as three plans at $29.90/month and $79.90/month. The free plan has certain limitations, and the maximum number of SKUs is 500.

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This is not the best plan for sellers whose main

Business is Dropshipping. Therefore, the monthly usage fee of $29.9 per month has become a necessary expense. Some time ago, it was report that the Oberlo platform under Shopify will be suspend. It seems that the news was misunderstood by the mia. In fact, Oberlo is not a platform, let alone recruiting sellers. In fact, it is just a plug-in, a plug-in that EC Lists helps sellers do Dropshipping. From the Oberlo official website, I also found the explanation ” Oberlo supplier’s products will be remov from Oberlo on July 15th “. Q: Will you shut down Oberlo? A: No, we just remove Oberlo suppliers from Oberlo. You can still import and sell AliEsupplier products using Oberlo.

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