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We set the value “No” if it is not requir that the picture leads to some other page of the site or opens in a larger size. Choose the size (large, mium, miniature or full) depending on your goals. In most cases, it is better to choose full, then the image will be display in the text with the original settings. If you ne to change the parameters of an already post image, then open an article or page for iting and click on the desir image – the settings menu will appear. Image iting image iting for the convenience of searching and using upload images, there is a special plugin wp mia categories.

It allows you to assign a category to each picture

To adjust the settings of video and audio files (for example, file display width, text wrapping), you can make changes to your theme code or install additional plugins . Although in most modern wordpress themes, the default settings allow you to correctly display mia files on the page. As for the basic settings of such files (size, resolution, etc.), they ne to Mexico Phone Number List be chang even before placing a link on your site. The law allows you to register in this capacity a site about design, and a site about health, and any other site. The only restriction is a site with a theme that is an abuse of freom of the mia. Such a resource cannot be the mia. True, these are very extreme cases.

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when gross violations of the law are allow on the site

Extremism, propaganda of terrorism, etc  I am sure that the topics of 99 percent of sites that decide to register as mass mia are not like that. How to deal with text and video blogging first of all, let’s clarify where the blog is kept. If in social networks or on the page of some site, the domain name of which does not belong to the blogger, then, of course, there is no resource. When registering online mia, you must provide a domain name registration EC Lists certificate (this document may have different names for different domain name registrars). In the situations describ above, a person simply will not have such a document.

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