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LabsMobile SMS platform 0 out of 5  add voting The. Labs Mobile platform offers its services so that your. Management software expands its functionalities and security by sending SMS communications and thus taking advantage of this channel, such as. Best deliverability: 98% High reading rate in less than 1 minute after delivery Sending URLs with click tracking Compatibility with any mobile worldwide without the ne to install any software or app Take advantage of the SMS channel to improve the performance of your software and obtain passive income.

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Review the balance of each client. – You must provide payment and recharge methods to customers. – You must be the interlocutor in all support cases and inquiries. – LabsMobile establishes the price of the SMS. Advantages – You can set the SMS price. – You do not have any administrative management. Only send the commission invoice every 3 or 6 months. – LabsMobile provides support for incidents and queries. – Customers have all the Bahrain WhatsApp Number List services of WebSMS  recharging with the different payment methods main questions Model rebill commissions What rewards will I have? In this case LabsMobile will establish a price per SMS according to the monthly volume. And you are free to establish a price per SMS with each client with.

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Management software. In this case, a percentage is establish depending on the pack purchas by the client and that can be between 5% and 10%. Every 3 or 6 months the commissions of all the purchases or shipments of your clients are paid. Who provides support to customers? In this case, the client has no knowlge of LabsMobile and you as a reseller will be the interlocutor in any possible questions or incidents. LabsMobile provides all the support EC Lists in cases of queries or cases to end customers through the establish channels (chat and ticketing). How do customers buy? You must buy crits on our platform to cover the shipments of your customers.

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