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For example, your time. The greater the result you want to get, the more resources you invest. Microbusinesses usually have none. What is a strong product? This is a product that meets the actual nes of the audience better than other similar products on the market. Forget apple’s success, it has nothing to do with you. There are hundrs of fitness trainers and online workout programs that teach you how to lose weight or get bigger. And there is a sect that just does it to you. There are hundrs of online english schools that you’ll be dropping out of in a month or two. And there is bdsm english , which will not let you leave without knowlge. And to be honest, most products are far from it. Far – if not in quality, then in positioning for sure. What is a strong selling proposition.

This is a clear benefit. If you are more

Profitable than your competitors, you are easier to notice and remember. And this is not the banal “2 for the price of one”, “13% discount, and if anything, we will refund your money.” to create a strong selling proposition, you ne to understand the nes of the client. And here I can safely cite my agency as an example, because we have found such a Croatia Phone Number List solution: we have learn that expensive conversion texts of any format cost customers too much doubt. What if for the same money you can get more returns? Is it worth the investment.

Phone Number List

When we realis this, we simply began to

Offer not one text, but immiately a ready-made set for a / b testing without having to pay extra for it. Now, instead of doubting, you just ne to see what works best and use this option. Discounts did not cause any significant reaction – we tri. And a few words about information support look at successful projects again. A significant part of them were EC Lists support from the very beginning by friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Some of them had their own  thousands of readers.

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