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This kind of cashback card has long been clos in the Unit States. Most crit cards in the Unit States have a 1%-5% cash back, which means that for every 1,000 yuan spent, you can get 10-50 yuan in cash back. According to the calculation above, the 20,000 yuan of China Merchants Bank can only be exchang for 40 yuan. If it is replac by an American card, it can be exchang for almost 200-1,000 yuan. American crit cards usually have many high cashback promotions. For example: the CHASE Freom card has a 5% cashback for different consumptions every quarter; when you open the card and spend 500 US dollars, you will get a direct reward of 200 US dollars. Daily 1.5% cashback.

Therefore different cards have different

Cashback amounts for different consumptions. So what should we do as consumers? Of course, for different consumption, choose different cards. In the hope that you can get the biggest cash back for every daily consumption. Comparison of Chinese and American crit cards However, if you have frequent business travel hotel accommodation nes or have several travel plans every year, then I would recommend you to apply for an Amex Aspire Hilton crit card . Although Training Directors Email Lists the annual fee is as high as $450, the benefits that come with the card are as high as $2,000. Regarding the Hilton Aspire crit card, I made a detail introduction in.

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Application for American Express

High-end Crit Card in China to Hold Hilton Diamond Membership and PP Card without SSN and US Visa for Full Record “, so I won’t repeat it here. You can experience the luxurious accommodation of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel with the free room night given by the card once a year, and you can get a room upgrade, free afternoon tea, free happy hour in the executive lounge and EC Lists Global airport VIP lounge benefits for pps cards. The crit card also gives an extra $250 for reimbursement of Hilton resorts, no time to use it? Don’t worry, the crit card company will probably mail you a check for $250.

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