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All these elements look different in different visual products. But the foundation remains the same. Storytelling gives a good result not only in advertising, but also in ucational materials, as well as wherever it is important to convey information to the audience in the most effective way – in any business area. When the story is put into visual form, the result of its impact is enhanc. That is why visual storytelling is one of the most powerful  convey information to the audience and evoke a high emotional response. We create our history in conclusion, a small list of steps to implement visual storytelling in your project.

Define a goal, set a task: what information do

You want to convey to the viewer, what emotion should be convey? Identify the hero/heroes of the story. You can create corporate characters or a character that personifies the target audience of the company. The character can be the creator of the brand or employees of the company. Identify the main conflict in your story. Write down the Namibia Phone Number List path of the character. In what situation is he at the beginning of the story and in what state should he be at the end. Write down the actions that the character must take, moving from the beginning of the story to its conclusion.

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Bas on these actions, the course of the story

The plot, will be built. Now comes the stage when you ne to clothe the plot in a visual form. In most projects, this requires a professional designer, and sometimes a whole team of diverse specialists. In some cases, you can manage on your own. Having made or pick up the necessary photos, for example. The main thing is not to be distract from the main task, from the plot. Spread the story where your target audience can see it. The choice of channels EC Lists depends on both the format of the story and the type of target audience. These are just the basics for creating your story.

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