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We also offer our white-label WebSMS application so that your clients can connect and carry out mass mailings and campaigns. Clients have a user account and have all the services of our platform. What price do customers pay for SMS? You can establish the price you want by SMS and through the channels that you already have establish with your client. We can advise you on market prices by country and/or volume. The customer will pay the price that appears on our website according to the country of destination and volume of the pack. Who issues invoices.

LabsMobile issues an invoice for the total

Number of messages or recharges. And you issue invoices to your customers. LabsMobile issues invoices directly to the client. You do not have any administrative tasks. How many user accounts do I ne? In this case, only one user account is necessary with which all SMS messages are sent. Through the API integration you can know the consumption Belarus WhatsApp Number List of each client. Each client creates an independent user account from where they buy crits and make shipments. The user and API token must be enter in your software or applications to link the submissions with the customer’s LabsMobile account. Steps to add SMS in your software with LabsMobile.

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Create an account in our system and

Contact our sales team to request a tailor quote. Try our platform and integrate your software with our SMS API. Too easy! We have a fully compatible API with different versions. You will also have the support of our technicians. Extend the functionalities of your software with SMS services accessible to your customers. Choose between the rebilling or commission model. Ready! You have manag to expand the functionalities of your software and EC Lists increase your income. Do you have doubts about how to do it? Talk to technical support and they will help you . Benefits for customers and users 1.Your clients will be able to use a multitude of functionalities that an SMS channel will offer them.

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