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At the end of last year, vkontakte announc the goods app, and everyone rush to use it. And cmsmagazine issu instructions on how to do it as efficiently as possible. Vkontakte = marketplace opportunities for a new product platform on the vkontakte social network – create your own marketplace through your personal profile on the social network. It is not enough to attract a client – you still ne to keep it. A short and effective guide to customer retention tells you how to do it in practice. Do you know 5 psychological principles that all marketers should know ? If you immiately retort that you are not a marketer, then it is very in vain.

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Everyone who sells a product or provides services or otherwise interacts with customers. And now prepare tea or coffee, make yourself comfortable – now it will be long and interesting, because, firstly, this is another entertaining reading from texterra , and secondly, this is longread about longreads . The title, as you understand, speaks for itself: everything is about those very mysterious sheets of text that are still worth writing. The main Sweden Phone Number List thing is to do it right. Have you decid to grow a personal brand and don’t know where to start? Start with yourself.

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Tell us who you are, what your expertise and

Usefulness are. Scar to open up in front of an audience? So what to do! The brand is personal. But denis kaplunov is already rushing to theare your clients building a house or treating a tooth? About decision-making algorithms and content compliance with them january 28, 2017 content , copywriting last year, we already talk about the stages that potential buyers go  Remember how I talk about the awareness ladder , a tool creat by marketer ben hunt EC Lists to illustrate these stages? However, when I suggest one of my clients to apply this tool to their project, it often causes difficulties.

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