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Payoneer user funds nearly stolen The process of. Summary Problems with Payoneer security. How to prevent account theft Summarize Payoneer user funds nearly stolen. The newly registered account information is consistent with the original account, misleading users, and no funds have been entered in the. Account recently, thereby delaying the withdrawal time. During the operation process, a notification email will be sent to the seller’s qq mailbox at each step. In order to avoid attracting the attention of the seller, the hacker deliberately sets the email from Payoneer as spam, and deletes it immediately after receiving the notification email. This is why the seller has never received any email notification from Payoneer. third step.

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Knowledge about Payoneer in the article ” 2020. Payoneer Payment Registration and Use Complete Tutorial Guide “. But today, what we are going to talk about is an incident where the account of a. Payoneer account holder. At about 9 o’clock last night, a reader hurriedly gave me feedback, telling me that the money in his Payoneer account disappeared inexplicably. Things are a bit weird, no Chad Email List matter the timing or the method of theft, they all look very professional. Because it was the weekend and it was night after get off work, the user tried to contact. Payoneer’s customer service to solve the problem, but the Chinese customer service was offline and no one answered. The user could only contact the American customer service.

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After finally figuring out what was going on

I froze urgently, and after thinking about it, I was terrified. 80,000 yuan may not be a big number for large sellers, but for small and medium sellers, it may directly affect their user, I roughly understood how the entire. Payoneer account balance was stolen. Of course, fortunately, with the timely feedback from the user. Payoneer finally froze the account being. Transferred out and stopped EC Lists the payment. However, it must be said that. At the time of this article. The stolen funds have not been. Returned to the seller, and procedures are still being followed. Of course, the seller has reported to the police.

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