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To put it simply, the amount of capital may be of great help to promote cross-border entrepreneurship, but it is not the decisive factor for cross-border e-commerce. Cross-border e-commerce works around product selection, website building, and traffic flow. How to do these tasks well will be the core thing that determines the cross-border e-commerce business. Which channels should I use to learn cross-border e-commerce? There are many ways to learn cross-border e-commerce. New sellers are recommend to read some basic on Chen Fei’s blog. If you already have some basic or practical experience, please search the original.

English materials through Google, YouTube and other

Channels to learn from the experience shar by overseas bloggers or sellers. Yes, you can Google as much as Google, and you can YouTube as much as YouTubu. After a period of time, when you look at the information of domestic cross-border e-commerce mia, you will find that a lot of the messy Chinese content that is tout in China is translat from the original English version overseas. What’s Dubai Email List more interesting is that some of the content is from foreigners a few years ago. Play the rest. Being brought to China to share, it has become a secret to the success of cross-border e-commerce. Cross-border e-commerce or domestic e-commerce? We only talk about cross-border business here. Domestic e-commerce is not what we are good at, and we don’t have much interest in it.

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If you are engag in the business of Taobao,

Tall and JD just do what you are good at. There are many differences between cross-border e-commerce and domestic e-commerce. Switching from domestic e-commerce to cross-border e-commerce is equivalent to starting from scratch. More importantly, after getting us to the domestic e-commerce business, it is easy to get into trouble if you use the domestic e-commerce thinking to start EC Lists cross-border business. Just focus on doing what you are good at. Should I choose a platform or a stand-alone site? In most cases, I would recommend the combination of platforms and independent stations to carry out cross-border e-commerce business.

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