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Into sites Informativeness of reports regarding the work of operators is average Sign up for a consultation with a marketer on the implementation of a chat CoMagic marketing and sales analytics platform CoMagic marketing and sales analytics platform comagic This service allows you to increase the conversion of the site, sales, return on advertising. Its main feature is the ability to conduct analytics through the channels of appeals from end customers and evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing solutions use. Convenient for the visitor, consultant and marketer Online consultant for the CoMagic.

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Website source: comagicservicesok CoMagic can record all contacts with the visitor. Find out the number of potential customers, the impact on them of the advertising campaign.  That the resource uses. It can also track phone calls, record conversations, check spelling. Among the key benefits. Quick operator responses Visitor targeting available You can rate the manager You can order a call back. Availability of an offline form Call duration and waiting time, UTM tags, search queries are recorde Flaw. Among the shortcomings, one can single out the limite geography of coverage. So call tracking from CoMagic is not suitable for organizations operating in the external market.

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There is no possibility to use online chat separately from call tracking. Envybox Online Consultant Envybox services for the site. Which at times increase its conversion into leads! https:envybox. Days free + promo code for rubles. Keyclient link This is a boxe solution consisting of service. One of which is an online chat that allows you to increase sales, expand your customer.  Audience and improve your marketing campaign. Envybox from English start a box) – competitors EC Lists will envy. Envybox has over , live testimonials and case studies .Add-ons for the site that will give you more customers and profits.

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