Improved ICE Score or how to provide objectivity to a subjective method

Exactly! Ains, how fast you think. Wow, you’ve impressed me. I haven’t finished writing this sentence and you’re already thinking about the solution: Vic establishes a unified criterion that gives objectivity to the system. Exact! Indeed, Therefore,the solution to the problem of subjectivity and lack of concreteness is objectivity and concreteness . There’s no more. Boom. A meme would be needed here.

Main characteristics of the Improved ICE Score

The improved ICE Score aims to add concreteness and objectivity to the initial method thanks to three changes: Divide each point of the ICE into a series of more objective sub-criteria that are aligned with the reality of our top industry data business . For example, we can divide the Impact into a series of scores based on the point in the funnel we think it will affect, a categorization of impactTherefore, indices depending on whether it is a media campaign, display, CRO, product improvement, viral, etc.

Contextualize the weight by maximum and minimum values

The other point, although less important, is to contextualize the values ​​based on the maximum score obtained EC Lists from all the ideas in each point. Ask yourself this question: what is 10 on a scale of 0 to 10? Yes, full marks, indeed. However, when there is a person giving the score, an internal and subjective scale of values ​​is usually used on that scale from 0 to 10.Therefore, There are people who tend to move between values ​​of 6 and 8, people who do not give 10 even out of the blue, and others. Getting a 5 is already difficult.

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