Does it make sense to implement a Consistent Sales Process

After all, we all want to have a winning process, at least one that is effective, coherent and scalable. It is worth remembering that the sales process is a funnel, whatever it may be, more or less complex. Another point is that there may be only one funnel or several of them for each of the services or products we sell. In marketing, the funnel is more comprehensive, but in sales, it is personalized, varying according to each business. I usually say that marketing is in charge of the operation (strategy), while sales are in charge. That way, the marketing funnel attracts and the sales funnel engages. And selling is doing things differently, implementing a change. And it is important that this change is well done (efficient) and oriented towards what must be done (effective).

Today what we sell are the results we deliver always

With the drive to solve our customers’ problems or challenges. Having motivation to sell and not having a strategy is like having a headless chicken People excel at sales without strategies because they took action, not because they knew how. It is in the doing, in the right direction, that the results are found. Knowing about the process, having a lot of knowledge  Hospital Mailing Lists  and skills and not applying them does not lead to good gains. And the universe conspires in favor of action. Also, from my experience, it also makes all the difference to do more than is asked of us. A sales process basically  simplified 4-step format. I recognize that there can be many more steps; ideal until the process is complex and effective .


Whenever they ask me for a magic solution I answer like

If your process gives you results, insist and… If not, change something”. This is always based on the principle that the sales approach must also be creative – an excess of rigidity, most of the time, does not lead to extraordinary results. And remember: even before someone buys our product/service, they must buy us as people. This is the basis of the most EC Lists valuable currency there is – the “trust” factor (character and competence). The advantage of a well-structured model or process is, a priori, being able to close deals in a consistent format, giving the sales team a path to follow (a structured step-by-step). With a model, the sales/purchase cycle is shorter and can be measured, creating indicators for each of the phases. We only do what we measure and, if we are going to measure.

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