If it is like most organizations the answer

How is the digital strategy perceived in your business. If it is like most organizations the answer to this question.  as a document that is built as a team—generally at the beginning of each year—in which the tactics and actions of the business in the digital world are planned. That is the standard definition that, in general terms, sounds good and seems harmless, but it contains a gigantic threat: the fact of seeing the digital strategy as a static guide, which does not adapt to market circumstances and does not evolve at the pace of technology. We don’t like that standard definition. We see it as risky and unreliable to compete. Since our beginnings, we prefer to define digital strategy as a navigation chart that is questioned, that is nourished by results and that is permanently optimized.

As a living document that adapts

We understand the digital strategy of a business. As a living b2b email list document  that adapts and transforms. due to the volatility of the digital world. Therefore, we talk about an “improved digital strategy”, which involves planning and a lot of optimization. That second element, the need to optimize it, is what makes the improved digital strategy different from the standard digital strategy. How to build an improved digital strategy? Strategy and the sense of opportunity and exact timing are the high peaks of marketing. The rest is just hills. The first thing is to understand that a powerful digital strategy is not put together in an afternoon at work or in a picnic meeting of business executives another myth and corporate behavior that is worth debunking.

By reviewing all the internal and

Creating an improved digital strategy begins. By reviewing all the internal EC Lists and external factors. That affect the business. And that can only be achieved with a lot of reflection, research and experimentation. For this reason, true digital strategists always distance themselves from the busy ones. They know that time is a critical variable and, consequently, obtaining the strategy quickly is a utopia. To create an improved digital strategy strong and competitive a good deal of criticism, discussion, failure, and analysis is needed. The obligatory thing for the team is to shake the heads of all the members. Fill yourself with nonconformity so as not to stick with the first idea that falls on the table, no matter how outstanding it may seem.

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