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I ask him whenever I ne to deal with my own well -feeling . Have you ever wonder what it means to “Feel good”? To be healthy? Right. However, if we read this phrase carefully, “good. Myself. Feel” – and delve into its literal meaning, we will see that it can mean the following: awareness of what is happening to you at the moment, what you feel, what is your state and mood. How to get what you want with monotasking “but where are the goals and effectiveness here?” – you ask. In my opinion, honesty towards ourselves, a careful look inside, recognition of our nes and desires help us set goals to which our soul lies, and achieve them without tears and burnout.

In this case, we always know when to

Pause and freeze in inaction, and when to concentrate as much as possible and devote ourselves to a particular task. Through mindfulness of ourselves, we are able to give a truthful answer to the question: “where am I going and where do I want to go?” are you afraid of the thought of slowing down and slowing down? Then I advise you to Colombia Phone Number List remember the story about the hare and the tortoise. The hare and the tortoise decid to run a race. But while the hare was distract along the way, the tortoise concentratly walk towards the goal and was the first to reach the finish line.  between single-tasking and multi-tasking: when multi-tasking.

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Attention is scatter while single-tasking

Allows us to focus on the goal and achieve it as a result. And finally, I have an offer for you. Want to practice a “Single-tasking” skill? In this case, choose one case that you do not want to combine with other cases. It can be anything: food, solving a professional problem (writing a text, working on a project, etc.), playing with a child, communicating EC Lists with a husband. The business (or area) that you dream of separating from the rest and immersing yourself in it. And try not to combine it with anything for a week.

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