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How do you feel about live video content? Surely you  friends on facebook regularly go on the air, and even earlier, many had a channel on periscope. What are the prospects for live video and how to properly approach their creation, read the article online video broadcasts: to be or not to be? Dissatisfi customers were, are and will be. And there will be rejections on their part. But sometimes you have to face a situation in which you have to refuse. Megaplan says that polite refusal is possible: 6 ways to tell the client “no!” without guilt and regret on their part and wild resentment and dissatisfaction on the part of the client.

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From a copywriter, read the material on denis kaplunov’s blog – we study the tasks, problems and benefits of customers before writing a selling text . Advertising on vkontakte is becoming more and more human, and it seems that annoying teasers Cameroon Phone Number List are already a thing of the past: firstly, they do not have many opportunities for advertising creativity, secondly, users have already learn not to respond to them, and thirdly, more and more people read the fe on mobile devices, where these ads are not visible at all. The future of vk advertising lies with promotional posts.

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Account, but in community posts. Why will hidden posts change vkontakte advertising once and for all? – read in the material cossa . What else nes to be protect on the network, in addition to content, read in the texterra material : “Woe from wit” – a practical guide to protecting intellectual property rights on the internet . How to show potential customers an information product beautifully and correctly, read and look in the denis kaplunov studio infographic – 10 ways EC Lists to visually present information . Do not use the business strategies of large companies for small businesses, megaplan says , and we agree with him. Build a marketing plan that is right for your project with three-phase marketing.

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