Capital but the cost of going to Silicon

Because the website construction technology at that time was very primitive and crude, Lutke did not find a solution that could perfectly meet his nees in the market. He did not want to use simple templates to build his own website, so he decide to develop it himself. After the website was built, Lutke’s snowboard business was pretty good, probably similar to the business of most small and meium-size sellers today. They can make a little money, but it’s just a typical Canadian small business. Gradually, some people like his website design very much, hoping to spend money to buy his website building software to build their own website.

As more and more people aske, Lute

Ecided to transform from selling snowboards to selling software. And thus Shopify was born, and the year was 2006. Want to see what Shopify’s website looked like that year? Understand the history of Shopify The post-80s generation has no money or high eucation and has create the company with the highest market value in Canada 15 years after Canadian CTO CIO Email List starting from an e-commerce independent website 9 At first, Lutke didn’t have much ambition, he just wante to start a company with about 20 people, so he didn’t think about anything like venture capital listing at all at first. In 2008, he had a chance to go to Silicon Valley to chat with some venture capitalists, but he did not make any preparations at all.

C Level Executive List

What he was worrie about at the time

Was not whether he could get venture  Valley. In order to save money, he stayd there in a youth hostel, and he rode a rente bicycle to meet the venture capitalists. In the end, the venture capital gave the invitation, but aske him to move the company from Canada to the United States, and to appoint a new CEO to him after the investment. But EC Lists in the end, Lutke rejecte the venture capital, staye in Ottawa, Canada, and continue to run Shopify with his team. By the end of 2008, Lutke was running out of funds and was barely able to pay his employees. But the financial crisis brought him new opportunities.

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