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Number of video views. The volume of links to the video The number of users who shar your video on social networks. The number of subscribers of the channel (a video from a channel with more subscribers, all other things being equal, will receive a higher place than a video from a channel with fewer subscribers). The ratio of likes and dislikes. Video recording quality. Youtube prefers high quality videos. Tags. They help youtube determine the relevance of the video to the user’s query. Since it is impossible to say unequivocally what the “weight” of each factor is, I recommend paying attention to everything.

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Systematically working on the promotion of their channel on youtube and increasing the number of subscribers have an advantage; short videos are more profitable than long ones (mostly it is); promotion of the youtube channel is advantageous to combine with other methods of promotion, primarily social networks and newsletters (we get additional views, likes, sharing and links). We have already written in detail about the promotion of the video , so I will not repeat myself, but will supplement some of the provisions of the last Greece Phone Number List article, along the way talking about additional chips. Selection of requests for the video since the video will be search not only in youtube search, but in yandex and google, we will use the query analysis tools from all these services.

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Query is in yandex, and google keyword planner . There is no similar service on youtube, but you can drive a query (or rather several queries, including the most common ones) into the search and see what suggestions youtube offers. The query should be select taking into account all the collect indicators. Writing a video description any search engine works primarily with texts, and therefore it is logical that videos with long descriptions will have an EC Lists advantage in promotion. Don’t be lazy to write a lot! the writing rules are the same as for other seo texts: uniqueness, direct and indirect entry of the request, if possible, we cover a variety of, first of all, low-frequency requests.

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