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Shopify is just a Saas platform for website building, just to help you quickly build a good website. It does not bring you traffic like the Amazon platform, and most people on Dropshipping are ultimately defeat by off-site drainage. Simply think that by burning fb ads, you can burn a brilliant tomorrow. In the face of the ever-increasing advertising costs of Facebook and Google, it seems that this investment is not directly proportional to the return. In fact, burning advertisements is a specializ science.

Careful friends will find that a large number of

Sellers’ websites are not solid, lacking arms and legs, some websites do not even have an SSL security certificate, and are directly mark as “unsafe” by Chrome, and some do not have a phone address Information, some have no information on refund terms, and there are no reviews on products. The key is that the website server is still in China. When you Poland WhatsApp Number List open your website, foreigners have to wait slowly. Well, it is highly advertisements To do a good job of website infrastructure. Two operating modes of Dropshipping Platform resale As mention earlier, in 2015, shortly after wish came out, some sellers distribut products on AliExpress to wish for resale to obtain huge profits. Yes, this is the most typical platform resale.

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You can send AliExpress products to eBay

Or you can post products on eBay to Lazada, or you can post products on Lazada to Shopee. After placing an order, you can go to the previous platform to place an order. , dropshipping to the hands of customers, the profit margin is poor. Dropshipping may also be a good way for Amazon sellers to clear FBA inventory. When the products in the Amazon warehouse are unsalable for a long time due to some reasons, you can publish the products on other platforms for sale, and then use the multi-channel delivery of the Amazon warehouse to deliver the EC Lists goods, although the Amazon warehouse will charge a higher fee. Freight, but somehow clear the slow-moving stock in the warehouse. Most of the platforms mention above are open to attract investment in the country.

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