Want your SMS campaign to have the expect results

Avoid technicalities: You have little space, so it is important that the SMS you send is perfectly understood. For this, it is recommend that you use a simple vocabulary that is understandable to your users. No technicalities. Create a visual message: In addition to the text itself, we recommend using images or videos. It will attract your users more and boost the interaction with the purchase link. If you want to expand this information, we leave you here a post talking specifically about tips to write clear and effective SMS . 2 SMS LANDING If you really , creating a product landing that your audience can access through a link in the text of your SMS is key to boosting conversion.

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The services we offer at LabsMobile, SMS Landing Web . Our platform allows you to design a landing page optimiz for mobile devices in a very intuitive way, through which you can show your promotions and offer them the information you consider necessary. What advantages does it have? Conversion increase: If your potential customers Cyprus WhatsApp Number List have shown interest by opening the SMS, the fact that they can visit a web page with the product that interests them and the information they ne to buy is more likely that they will end up converting. Obtain metrics, statistics and results. Thanks to SMS Landing Web you will be able to monitor the interactions of your users.

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Location, and the activity within the landing (what has been the content in which you have shown the greatest interest). Create Call to Action (CTA) for direct purchase. You can add purchase buttons throughout the page so that they can purchase the product on promotion. You will offer them an easy and fast shopping experience. Vari templates EC Lists design for mobiles. Creating a mobile-optimiz landing page takes time, so to make this process easier for you, we have a wide variety of templates and designs that adapt to different sectors and nes. You will be able to it all the modules, add icons, your logo and your corporate colors.

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