Google gives us a new ranking factor every year

In terms of data information security, Shopify is much better than most domestic companies. many. WooCommerce is more troublesome, at least you have to pay attention to and update various patches in time, install security protection plug-ins, although these tasks are not complicat, but the security problem of WooCommerce mainly lies in the negligence of the website owner. So, in terms of security, both are very safe, but WooCommerce is more cumbersome. Winner: Shopify woocommerce shopify SEO comparison In fact, there are many factors that affect SEO, among which these factors play a vital role in ranking in search results.

A secure and accessible website guide

Google to find your website information through robots.txt files and sitemaps, websites with ssl security certificates enabl.)Page Spe ​​(One of the most important SEO ranking factors, Google wants to improve the user’s web experience, and fast-loading pages will certainly do so.) Mobile priority (Google has made it clear that it has priority for mobile-adapt websites , please optimize for mobile devices.) Domain age, URL and (domains register for Venezuela WhatsApp Number List more than three years, improve authority, valuable and high-quality exact match domains can get higher rankings.) Optimizing content new original content, avoiding duplicate content and high-quality content, video content.

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Technical SEO using keywords in page titles

Character descriptions, image alt tags, etc.User experience (artificial intelligence for ranking, click-through rate, bounce rate, dwell time, Google judges whether users like it or not bas on these factors.) Links (Google uses inbound links to help determine the authority and relevance of website content.) Social shares (getting more social shares can really help your search engine rankings) Authentic business information (such as phone number, address, listings on Google and Facebook, reviews, etc.) . In 2014, HTTPS became a ranking factor. In 2015, mobile usability became a ranking factor. Then, artificial intelligence (RankBrain) was enabl, and in 2016 content development chang.

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