Entrepreneurs do not always understand

Underestimate the complexity of the process coming up with an amazing name on the go or sitting in the kitchen among your best friends is more of a miracle and an exception to the rule than a systematic phenomenon. There are many subtleties and complexities in naming, there are several methods and algorithms that can be us as a guide when developing a name. In the next article, we will reveal our algorithm in more detail. But as soon as we went to the search engines, we found that “akhtung” is also a slang term for representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation. that the name should be easy to read by the target audience.

For example we are currently working on a

Logo for the cheremsha company, which is engag in the production of lumber. For most of you, the name has nothing to do with this field of activity, but it is ti to the name of the village where the production is locat. This is already a well-recogniz local brand, so the company did not change its name. But this story is the exception. You can be remember with any name if the competition is not very high, if you have been working for a very long Honduras Phone Number List time, or if you have a large budget to promote your business, because you ne to create a strong bond between the words “Charm” and Lumber.

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When the semantic load helps this happen

Then the resources for promotion (temporary and financial) take much less. I will give another example of a name that is not directly relat to the product: magellan spices and spices. Photo logobook photo logobook there is no direct connection (unlike the spice island brand, for example), but there is a wonderful associative array: magellan was EC Lists a navigator and traveler, including a spice hunter, and this brand offers spices from all over the world. This is a 100% hit on the essence, in the nature of the product itself.

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