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A system created to lead a sort of revolution within digital audio. helping companies achieve their commercial objectives quickly and easily. are the most effective trends for growing your business on social media! The diffusion of Spotify in Italy spotify ad studio It is worth reporting some data relating to the diffusion of Spotify in Italy. According to a recent survey published by the platform itself. people spend an average of 69 minutes a day listening to music. If we only take users who use the Internet as a reference.

We note that listening to music in digital

Format is surpassing the use of traditional radio stations. Another telling element: 61% of Italian Spotify¬† email list Free users declared that they prefer listening to digital music through mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) rather than from a desktop computer. You might be interested in: ” Google’s new data analysis tool: Looker Studio” The advantages of Spotify Ad Studio Beyond these data. which are nevertheless very important. Spotify Ad Studio offers multiple advantages for advertisers who wish to promote their products to users of the platform.

These are the main ones

Precise targeting : Ad Studio offers highly effective targeting tools to reach profiled audiences. In fact. you can select your target based on criteria such as geographic location. interests. context. device used and more. This allows you to target your ads to the most relevant people for a specific campaign. Creativity and customization : You can create EC Lists¬† personalized audio or video ads for an advertising campaign. If you don’t have a ready-made ad. Ad Studio offers free help in creating a custom format in just 24 hours.

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