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First of all, there are certain prefin domains that shorteners generate that will directly position your sms in SPAM. And secondly, customizing your domain will allow the link to carry your brand name, and therefore, generate trust in the user who intends to click on it. SMS Examples 2 click monitoring It is key that the shortener you use allows you to keep track of the statistics; clicks, most active users, visits per day, channels, countries of origin… In this way you can check if the strategy you are using is effective or find a way to optimize it to obtain better results.

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Each SMS and detail tracking of interactions Although it is true that many of the shorteners have generic statistics that provide you with information about the clicks (as we have comment in the previous point). It is not so easy to find a shortener that generates unique links (with an individual code) for each SMS you send. This is an additional function of the SMS platforms . This functionality is essential, since in this way, you can obtain El Salvador WhatsApp Number List much more precise information on the behavior of your users. You will know which specific SMS has been click (which user and which specific phone number has interact with your link), as well as if said url has gone viral, that is, if the user has sent your url to other users and if these have agre. Later we will tell you sms.

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Why use a URL shortener in your

Campaigns? The main reason to use a link shortener in your campaigns or SMS communications is the characters. If you have to add a link in your SMS messages, shortening it will allow you to save space and characters, which will also mean a lower shipping cost. Above all, if you are going to send promotions, discounts or links with EC Lists information, and you ne your users to enter to achieve the objective that you have set in your strategy. In that case, it’s important that the link doesn’t take up too much space in order to make room for text that encourages the click.

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