What Is It and What Is the Difference Between an Integration Hub?

Using technology as a driver to grow your business is increasingly necessary. When we direct this to those who sell on different marketplaces, this need is even stronger, as more organization, efficiency and care are needed so that inventory and delivery errors do not occur and that they may lose relevance on these platforms. The automation hub is one of the ideal tools for entrepreneurs who plan to grow in marketplaces and are a step ahead of integration hubs. In this article, we will understand what they are and discuss the difference between the two, as well as how an automation hub enters the retailer’s operation and go into detail about why and the importance of using it in your business.

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An automation hub is software that manages a retailer’s sales from end to end, helping them from planning strategies to analyzing the results of their business in marketplaces. This is due to an important factor it offers: time optimization Chairman Email Lists through automation. By having integration with the largest marketplaces on the market, an automation hub can make you, the seller, more organized through your dashboard, having control over your stock, invoices being invoiced automatically when a sale occurs , which orders have already been shipped and speeding up the process at your shipping desk in a simple and fast way.


This last factor is one of the most fundamental

To improve the consumer’s shopping experience and its reputation in marketplaces, which need their partner sellers to deliver their orders as quickly as possible. Such processes are done in an automated way and the entrepreneur does not need to direct his attention and time to tasks that the software handles. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN INTEGRATION HUB AND AN AUTOMATION HUB? Briefly, an integration hub has itsEC Lists functionalities focused on integrating its system in marketplaces so that the entrepreneur can have the opportunity to: Publish ads on multiple platforms through a single screen; Optimize sales management; Have more transparency in the sales process; Print labels matched with invoices according to each marketplace.


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