Conflict must be present and it is important to learn to

History is always an emotional narrative . There are no stories without emotion. It is in the ability to create emotional engagement that the power of storytelling lies. This is where we come to the most important thing – the ability to create a strong story that will evoke emotions. Storytelling works only when there is power, energy, emotion in the story. They are what draw the viewer into the message. There are basic elements that allow you to achieve high emotional involvement. 1. Character he must be present in history. It is not at all necessary that it will be a person or another animat character (corporate hero). It can also be an abstract visual form.

The main thing is that there should be a central

Figure of the narrative or several such figures at all. The whole story will be built around them. 2. Conflict contrast, an event due to which an action occurs. The conflict in the story is as necessary as the character. It is the conflict that triggers the action, gives an emotional color. Creates Bahrain Email List energy. But conflict does not mean only open confrontation. This may be an internal conflict of the  hero. Or maybe there is a visual conflict, a contrast, a conflict of one visual form with another. One way or another, the understand the conflict not literally and be able to use it when building a story.

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Sometimes it’s a very subtle emotional game

Action a character in conflict begins to take actions that will help resolve this conflict. These actions form the story. Events should alternate in emotional coloring. The character throws in extremes – “From happiness to misfortune.” as director alexander mitta says in his book cinema between hell and heaven: “drama is interest in extreme acts and extreme facts. The material “photos and videos for EC Lists a store: 8 tricks for a different wallet” will help with this . Are you already developing an smm plan for the next year? Haven’t start yet? Then rather read about what will work especially well next year in social networks.

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