Complex Selling A Complete Guide to Optimizing Your Sales Cycle


In an increasingly connected world and with access to information much easier, the challenge for sales professionals is increasing. This challenge is even more evident in sales of goods and services with high added value, whether B2B or B2C. This type of sale normally involves products or services that require a high investment and long negotiations, with a commercial cycle composed of many variables and steps that can take up to years to complete. For this reason, they require a much more consultative approach , with a commercial team prepared and qualified for this. Thus, it is necessary to know the type of market served, training the Sales team , strategic management and other elements that we will see throughout this article.

Shall we read What are complex sales

A complex sale is one that comprises a high-value commercial contract, in which several decision makers participate. These are generally time-consuming processes and, although it is a common type of sale in B2B negotiations, it can also occur in B2C transactions, such as the sale of real estate, which require time, approval from several decision Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists makers and which involve a certain degree of complexity. Different from simple transactions, where the sales professional only assists the buyer in quick decisions, for purchases of lesser value; in complex sales the risks are greater. And this is precisely because it involves high investments, both on the part of the seller, considering the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and on the part of the buyer.


Thereforeto be successful the commercial

Process needs a robust strategic planning . Main characteristics of a complex sale A complex sale, be it B2B or B2C, includes some elements that distinguish it from traditional sales. We separate the main ones, so that you understand a little more about each one of them: Complex or customized solutions Both the development and commercialization of some products or services can be more complex than others. A new software for a company, for¬† EC Lists¬†example, will probably involve projects, studies, the possibility of integration with other solutions, implementation, cost-benefit analysis… In short, a series of processes that end up lengthening negotiations and giving room for objections. It takes continuous monitoring and in-depth knowledge of the solution, with a certain amount of autonomy given to the sales executive to negotiate discounts and offer benefits, if necessary.

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