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Who dreams this liability applies to tax arrears resulting from the business activity, and these arrears arose during the period when the family member cooperat with the taxpayer in carrying out this activity and the family member obtain benefits from this cooperation. IMPORTANT – a member of the taxpayer’s family is jointly and severally liable with all his assets with the taxpayer running a business for tax arrears resulting from this activity and arising during the period in which he constantly cooperat with the taxpayer in its performance, obtaining benefits from his business.

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The term “property” has not been defin in the Polish legal system. In a broad sense, property is understood as all the assets and liabilities belonging to a specific entity. The Civil Code defines a very similar concept – property, which means ownership and philippines photo editor other property rights . art. of the Civil Code . Exclusion and limitation of family member liability A member of the taxpayer’s family, even if he or she constantly cooperates with him in running a business and obtains benefits from this activity, is not liable for his tax arrears if, during the period of such cooperation.

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Whom the taxpayer had a maintenance obligation. In turn, when it comes to limiting the liability of a family member, it should be not that: the liability of a family member is limit primarily by the amount of benefits that he or she achiev by cooperating with EC Lists the taxpayer; these benefits will not always be monetary. When conducting proceings regarding the liability of a family member, the tax authority should determine the total amount of financial benefits that accru to him in connection with running agricultural activity together with the taxpayer.

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In the fourth quarter for shares So what should in the above-mention business. companies. ZUS found the applicant’s position correct. Summary The regulations regarding the calculation of health insurance contributions after. The changes introduc by the Polish Order are So what should very complicat. So it is no wonder that there are still doubts as to the correctness of the settlements. The publish ZUS guides with explanations discuss on examples allow for a better understanding of the applicable rules. However, regardless of this, there are so many exceptions that it is easy to make a mistake.

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Companies will be oblig to pay a health insurance contribution bas on of the average monthly remuneration. Running a JDG and owning shares in several caal companies at the same time allows. You to pay a single health insurance contribution from the base. However, if several types of non-agricultural activities are conduct. But the entrepreneur does not obtain philippines photo editor revenues qualifi for tax purposes. As revenues from business activitie report in CEIDG , the health insurance contribution is paid. On the basis of assessment amounting to of the average monthly remuneration in the fourth quarter, separately from each type of business conduct.

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Act, especially after changes from January. is very important because you ne to know who will pay the health insurance premium and on what terms. The topic seems complicat and it undoubtly is, we only hope that today’s publication will allow for a better understanding of this topic. Share with others: Up Previous article Changes to the Act on vocational and social EC Lists rehabilitation and employment of disabl people in Next article Returning to VAT exemption after earlier resignation is it possible? Clause disclaimer on We encourage you to comment on our articles. Express your opinion and engage.