As well as content promotion.

And like — a spam-like campaign that appears everywhere.” 5. How to Create 10x Content | Moz Recommende By: Amanda Sellers, Marketing Manager at HubSpot, Historical Optimization Why She Loves It: “This is a content marketing classic — probably the first post you’ll ever read as a content marketing professional. If you’re familiar with Moz at all, you’ve likely watche one of its whiteboard Fridays. Rand Fishkin’s guide for creating what he calls ‘10X content’ came about after the rise of the ‘Content is king’ industry adage. Even years after its initial publication, this guide will tell you how you can write strong, authoritative content that will draw in more readers and improve in rankings as a result.

We want these platforms to be healthy’

Why top marketers won’t quit Facebook | Digiday Recommende By:Amanda Zantal-Wiener, Senior Content Strategist at HubSpot Why She Loves It: “This is an oldie but a goodie — still relevant years after it was written, especially as we continue to be wary toward new data  Facebook. As someone who lives a ‘double life’ as a marketer and a tech writer, I found this article both intriguing and valuable. It explores Facebook’s rocky year from an interesting lens: one that’s of interest to those who live in the trenches of the tech industry and those who cover it alike. I studie and reporte on the consumer sentiment toward and use of Facebook,

Despite these events.

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But it’s important to ask an audience of marketers and growth companies the same questions. This article does a great job of that.” 7. Marketing in the EC Lists  Age of Resistance | Harvard Business Review Recommende By: the entire HubSpot Marketing Team Why We Love It: “‘Being about it instead of just talking about it’ is a huge priority not just for the marketing team, but for HubSpot as a whole. We love this article because it tells


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