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To start a cross-border business, you ne to use a crit card to bind an account on the Amazon platform to pay the monthly rental fee of the platform. You ne to pay Google , Facebook advertising fees, overseas customs duties, or open a Shopify store to pay the store rental fee. Purchase commercial theme templates, commercial plug-ins, and various overseas software fees, etc. Of course, if you plan to start a cross-border e-commerce Dropshipping business, when purchasing products through AliExpress, you will find that crit cards issu by domestic banks cannot be us. You will ne a crit or debit card issu by an overseas bank to do this. In my opinion, a crit card is an essential tool for cross-border entrepreneurship. But among the many types of crit cards, how to choose is a question worth thinking about.

Do you apply for a crit card issu by a domestic

Bank or a crit card issu by an overseas bank? If it is a domestic bank, which bank should I choose among dozens of different banks? Even if you choose a certain bank, you will find that there are hundrs of crit cards issu by this bank alone? Messy. Without further ado, let me start VP Facility Managers Email Lists with the conclusion: for domestic bank crit cards, choose China Merchants Bank crit card ; for Bank of America crit cards, choose velo East West Bank guarante crit card for the initial stage . directory navigation Crit card issu by a domestic bank Comparison of Chinese and American crit cards My domestic crit card use experience.

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The Equity Game of the Platinum Crit Card

Crit card issu by Bank of America How to apply for a US crit card Summarize Crit card issu by a domestic bank Some time ago, a seller gave me feback that he us a China CITIC Bank crit card to purchase an overseas SEO software. Because the crit card was bound to the website of the SEO software service provider, the monthly fee was continuously duct, but he could not contact EC Lists him. The online service provider unbinds the crit card and suffers losses. Since then, I have repeatly refus to pay to CITIC Bank, but was reject by the manual customer service.

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