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The post-80s generation has no money and no high ucation. After 15 years from an e-commerce independent station, it has creat the company with the highest market value in Canada. Update time: May 20, 2020 5/5 – ( 1 vote ) Most cross-border e-commerce sellers are not impress with Canada. Amazon has three sites in North America, the Unit States, Canada, and Mexico. It seems that Canada is here to serve as a foil, because it may not sell a few orders in the Canadian market in a month. Canada has a population of 37 million, and the Unit States has a population of 330 million.

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States are about 10 times that of Canada. It is not surprising that there are no orders. But when it comes to independent stations, many people will. Immiately think of Canada, and think of Shopify , which is known as the Tesla of the e-commerce industry . And the person who creat Shopify, the company with the highest market value in. Canada, is HR Directors Email Lists Tobias Lütke, 100 RMB domestically, you may be able to start a cross-border business with 100 US  dollars. This gap depends to some extent on the average income and consumption levels of China and develop countries. Taking the Unit States as an example, according to the information releas by the Census Bureau of the.

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Capita annual income of the Unit States in 2018 was 36,000 U.S. dollars (pre-tax income), with an average monthly income of 3,000 U.S. dollars. If the monthly income in the U.S. reaches 5,000 U.S. dollars, it will already In the middle and high income  of the Unit States is about 260,000 RMB, and the per capita disposable income of the Chinese is 30,000 RMB. China is the world’s second largest economy, with the world’s largest industrial output value, and a population of 1.4 billion. If it is pull to the average, it will be terrible. To a EC Lists certain extent, cross-border entrepreneurship is connecting with the world, selling products and providing services to the Unit States and those develop. Countries through the Internet, earning commissions, obtaining overseas income, and narrowing the income gap with the world.

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