Business methods are changing and people are

Time is changing, policies are changing, platforms are changing, changing. Today’s cross-border e-commerce industry is completely different from its early years. Maintaining independent thinking can help you understand the industry more easily. Why is your blog full of tirades. Yes, starting from 2019, I will try my best to make each original article have more than 10,000 words. For readers with little interest, this kind of long speech is like a foot wrap, smelly and long, but for readers with a strong thirst for knowlge, it is like a treasure.

Therefore, in principle I will try my best to

Make things clear in an article, and sometimes even if it is nonsense, I will babble a few more words. Probably long-wind essays will also be one of the main features of my future writing. Considering that long articles are more time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially for original articles like me, which I cod word by word, it is inevitable that there will be typos, wrong Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List sentences, and unclear expressions. Please forgive me. In addition, if you want to see the updat content of the short log, become a member of Chenfei blog , and you will see some of my daily updat information.

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In addition to pleasing loyal readers

Frankly, the object I ne to please is Google. The reason is also simple, Google prefers long blog posts to short ones. I heard that Velo East West Bank is not safe? Yes, I heard that too. There are a lot of negative information about velo East West Bank on the Internet, some say that the account was inexplicably clos within a week of opening. In my opinion, these are all expect things, and it EC Lists seems to be no surprise. Just like when we were operating cross-border e-commerce business, the Amazon store was inexplicably clos, Shopify was clos, and PayPal was frozen. It seems to be the same. There are usually two reasons.

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