Already too short not to notice what is happening

Size is not the main thing, the main thing is desire. And, of course, a strong product. Agree, “single-tasking” is too soft and smooth. And we ne to be strict and specific. Book ispov monotaskera what is monotasking and why do I think the world nes it? As a method in time management, monotasking is the execution of one task per unit of time . ISpecial attention to yourself I believe that the value of monotasking – in contrast to its more popular “Multi-tasking” opposite – is that within it a person perceives himself not as a means to an end , but as an end in itself, as the most important resource and guideline.

Unlike multitasking, which focuses on our

Performance per unit of time, monotasking puts a person at the forefront – his state at one time or another, well-being, desires, mood. In my book confessions of a monotasker, I write the following: “multitasking does not allow us to be sensitive about ourselves. Everything he touches is given the status of “Not important”. In the whirlpool Czech Republic Phone Number List of affairs, it is difficult for us to stop and ask ourselves: am I doing this? What am I spending my life on? Are all these multi-million dollar cases really necessary? It is for this reason that I gave up multitasking: life is to you, not to attach importance to it.

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There is always a question in my life

Hhow do I feel right now popular motivational coach and author erik larssen considers this question to be the most important. This question is highlight by eckhart tolle, a philosopher and spiritual mentor, author of the power of now. I begin EC Lists every mitation with this question, and it is he who brings me back to myself in the cycle of endless affairs, tasks and obligations.

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